Cryogenic Serials

Liquid nitrogen is used to keep the sample cooling.

Single tilt cryo transfer holder


Double tilt LN cryo holder

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic holder

Our liquid nitrogen cryogenic holder include 3 models: single tile LN holder, double tile LN holder, single tilt LN transfer holder. Lowest working temperautre could be below 100K. Working time at lowest temperature could be as long as 5 hours without refilling. The resolution at lowest temperature is better than 0.3nm. Temperauture control at any point is an option.


TEM specification

  • - Compatibel to JEOL, ThermoFisher, Hitachi;
  • - Drift ratio: < 1.5nm/min
  • - Resolution: < 0.3nm

Temperature specification

  • - Cool down time: < 35min (Transfer holder not applicable)
  • - Working time at lowest temperature: >5 hours;
  • - Temperature stability: < ± 0.01K/ms;
  • - Lowest temperature: < 100K.

Application example

TEM resolution at lowest temperature.

Holding time at lowest temperature.

Single tilt cryo transfer holder

Cryogenic FIB sample preparation and transfer system

This system has a cold stage for LN temperature FIB sample preparation, a cold transfer rod to transfer as prepared sample to dewar, or to TEM transfer holder. An optional groove box chamer is used to transfer sample to groove box with oxygen and water free protection. This system could be used in air sensitive materials and bio samples.


System configuration

  • - FIB cold trap with temperature control;
  • - FIB cold stage with temperature control;
  • - FIB quick transfer chamber;
  • - Vacuum and cold transfer rod;
  • - Liquid nitrogen work station;
  • - Liquid nitrogen TEM transfer holder;
  • - Groove box transfer chamber.

System specification

  • - Temperature of cold trap: < -190℃
  • - Temperature of cold stage: -160~80℃;
  • - Tilt of cold stage: +180°~-90°;
  • - Rotation of cold stage: 360°.

Desktop SEM-ZEM15

ZEM15 is a desktop SEM released by ZEPTOOLS in 2019. Its acceleration voltage is 15KV. Both secondary electron detector and back scatter electron detector are equiped. EDS is an option. Resolution of ZEM15 could be better than 6nm.

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