ZEPTOOLS provide the most professinal solutions for in-situ TEM/SEM measurements. From nanomanipulator to MEMS chips, from physical properties to liquid and gas environments, we meet all demands from researchers.PicoFemto is a trademark of ZEPTOOLS.

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TEM-STM serials

Scanning probe based in-situ TEM holders are the most popular and versitile model avialeble in the market. A nanomanipulator is installed in the holder, which can be used to manipulate the sample, to apply force and electrical field to the sample, and take the measurements.

Both single tile and double tilt model are availble. Additionally, extended module, such as force sensor, optical fiber, liquid nitrogen dewar and MEMS chip can be installed along with the nanomanipulator, to allow more complicate and precious measurement functions.

TEM-MEMS Serials

MEMS technology based in-situ holders. MEMS chips are used to heat up the sample or to seal liquid and gas in side the TEM collumn. These serials holders are widely used in electrichemical reaction, catalytic reaction, solid state redox study, etc. ZEPTOOLS provide cost-effective consumbles to low down the experiment cost.

Cryo solutions

Full serial of cryogenic solutions are provided by ZEPTOOLS for material sciences and biosciences, including singl/ double tilt liquid nitrogen holder, liquid nitrogen transfer holder, cryogenic sample preparation system inside FIB, cryogenic transfer system between FIB and TEM, etc.

Versatile TEM holders

Other customized and general purpose TEM holders. Including multiple samples holder, tensile holder, in-plane rotation holder, y-axis 360 rotation holder, laser heating holder etc.

In-situ SEM stages

Beside in-situ TEM hoders, ZEPTOOLS also provide in-situ stage for SEM and FIB. There are nano probe station, tensile stage, nanoindentor for SEM, heating stage, cooling stage, liquid cell for SEM, gassing cell for SEM, etc.

Desktop SEM-ZEM15

ZEM15 is the fist model of desktop SEM released by ZEPTOOLS in 2019. Its acceleration voltage is 15KV. Both secondary electron detector and back scatter electron detector are equiped. EDS is an option. Resolution of ZEM15 could be better than 6nm.

Chemical Vapor Deposition System (CVD)

three-temperature zone CVD system, the diameter of the growth sample chamber is 60-120mm, which is composed of a high-temperature tube furnace, a multi-channel high-precision flow control and gas supply system, a mechanical pump, and a vacuum It is composed of sealing and measurement system and exhaust gas treatment system, and the ultimate vacuum degree can reach 10^-5 torr.

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