Versatile TEM holders

Other customized and general purpose TEM holders.

Tensile holder

Widely used tensile holder. Minimum step < 50nm.


Single and Double tilt mutiple sample holder

Load three samples on one holder. The resolution of TEM is guaranteed. Double tilt version is avilable.


Laser heating holder

Use a focused laser to heat up sample. The laser is coupled into the holder via a fiber and then focused. Maxmum power of laser to up to 3W.


In plane 360 rotation holder

The sample could be rotated 360° along the axie vertical to TEM grid(parallel to the electron beam).


Y axis 360 rotation holder

The sample plane is parallel to the electron beam, and can be rotated 360° along y axis.


X axis high tilt holder

High tilt alfa angle up to ±70°.


Desktop SEM-ZEM15

ZEM15 is a desktop SEM released by ZEPTOOLS in 2019. Its acceleration voltage is 15KV. Both secondary electron detector and back scatter electron detector are equiped. EDS is an option. Resolution of ZEM15 could be better than 6nm.

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