TEM-MEMS Serials

Combine the most advanced MEMS techology with electron microsocope.

MEMS holder for ThermoFisher, JEOL and Hitachi.

Heating/Biasing holder

4,6 or 8 electrodes are equiped on the holder. These electrodes could be used to heat or to apply bias or heat and apply bias simutenously (for 6 and 8 electrodes). Different electrods arrangment MEMS chips are avilable.


TEM specification

  • - Compatibel to JEOL, ThermoFisher, Hitachi;
  • - High angle single tilt avilable;
  • - Double tilt avilable;

Heating chip specification

  • - Temperature range: RT to 1200℃;
  • - Temperature stability: ±0.1℃;
  • - Heating up speed: 1000℃/ms;
  • - Max heating power: 30W;
  • - Software control.

Biasing chip specification

  • - Voltage output ±200V, resolution 5uV;
  • - Current measurement: maximum 1.5A, resolution: 100fA;
  • - Constant voltage and constant current mode;
  • - 2 wire and 4 wire sensing;
  • - Software control.

Application example

left:Atomic resolution HAADF image of CeO2 at 800℃. Right: Live video of CeO2 at 800℃, showing drift ratio better than 0.6nm/min.

Liquid cell holder

25nm high quality SiNx membrane is used to seal liquid inside the TEM. Thickness of spacing layer ranges from 0 to 1um. 2, 3 or 4 electrodes are avilable for electrochemical measurement.


Application example

Electron induced growth of Ag partical in AnNo3 solution.

Gassing cell holder

Gassing cell holder enable the high temperature(800) and high gas pressure(1.2Bar) condition inside TEM. It could be used to study the catalysitic reaction, gas evironmental redox, material gowth and etching. Such system make your TEM to become a nano lab.


Application example

Exploration of CeO2-CuO Quantum Dots in Situ Grown on Graphene under Hypha Assistance for Highly Efficient Solar-Driven Hydrogen Production. [Qian, et al., Inorg Chem. 2018 Dec 3;57(23):14532-14541.]

Desktop SEM-ZEM15

ZEM15 is a desktop SEM released by ZEPTOOLS in 2019. Its acceleration voltage is 15KV. Both secondary electron detector and back scatter electron detector are equiped. EDS is an option. Resolution of ZEM15 could be better than 6nm.

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