ZEPTOOLS is named after the zeptometer, a unit of scale much smaller than the nanometer. ZEPTOOLS Technology Co., Ltd., an advanced equipment manufacturer with 100% independent intellectual property rights, is committed to providing customers with in-situ TEM/SEM solutions, desk-top SEM and other equipment, aims to rank among international first-level electron microscope and accessories manufacturers.

We have a team that has strong background in mechanical, optic, ultra-high vacuum, electronic micro-nano processing technology and software technology, we provide the most excellent equipment for nano science research. Since the establishment of the company, we launched PicoFemto® series in-situ TEM/SEM solutions and ZEM series desk-top SEM.


"The transmission electron microscope (TEM) is conventionally used as a structural characterization instrument. In-situ TEM technique is developing rapidly, owing to its uniqueness in a way that it can directly correlate the atomic/electronic structures with properties, and observe and manipulate the dynamic processes in real-time. At present, in-situ TEM instrument is becoming the earnest need for scientific research. This is the motivation of our technique transfer, its commercialization is believed to expedite with a promising future"

Xuedong BAI

Dr. Xuedong Bai is a professor at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He obtained PhD degree in materials physics from Institute of Metal Research, CAS (1999). He ever worked at Georgia Institute of Technology, US (2001-2003) and the National Institute of Material Science, Japan (2004-2005) as a post-doctoral fellow and visiting researcher, respectively. Dr. Bai’s research interest is focused on developing in-situ TEM technique and its scientific research applications. A wide variety of researches, including the structure-defined property measurement, manipulation of polar topological structure, as well as the surface/interface growth dynamics, is directed toward the understanding of the macroscopic properties and microscopic mechanism. He is the co-author of over 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals, among those 6 in Nature and 15 in Nature serials were published. He delivered over 60 invited talks including MRS meeting and AVS congress. His H-index is 66 with over 16000 citations. Xuedong Bai was named a number of academic awards, including Outstanding Young Researcher Foundation (NSF of China, 2007), the 2nd Place of the National Science and Technology Award (2011) and Gang-Fu Hu Physics Award (Chinese Physics Society, 2015) etc.. He is founding director of Electron Microscopy Association, CAS.

"To provide scientists with scientific equipment made by scientists, is ZEPTOOLS’ original aspiration. Maintaining close cooperation with academic community, we are committed to pushing forward developing the in-situ transmission electron microscope technology with more stable and powerful tools for scientists in extensive research fields. To benefit the whole sphere of research, even the whole society, instead of only some group, I think that is what commercialization of technology is all about."

Zhi XU

Dr. Zhi Xu is a Professor and the Principal Investigator of Precise Instrument Development team in Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. He received Ph.D. in Physics from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in 2008. After the postdoctoral work resident in National Institute of Material Science, Japan (2008-2010), he became an Associate Professor in Institute of Physics, CAS, in 2010, until 2019 when he joined Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. His R&D interests and experiences include electron microscope, scanning probe microscope, weak signal detection, ultra precious sensing, MEMS technology and low temperature system, with over 60 co-authored papers in peer-reviewed journals, including 6 in Nature and Nature serials. He has presided over national, provincial and ministerial instrument development and commercialization projects with a total fund of more than USD 25 million.


"As a former scientific researcher, I know that the level of scientific instruments directly determines the level of research results. As an old Chinese saying goes, it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish. We founded Zeptools Technology in the hope of spreading good research tools to help scientists around the world achieve better research results."

Xiaolong ZHANG

In 2016, Dr. Xiaolong Zhang graduated from East China Normal University and has published 13 SCI papers. He co-founded ZEPTOOLS Technology Co., LTD. As one of the three co-founders, Zhang Xiaolong is mainly responsible for the industrialization and marketing of the products.

From 2017 to 2018, Zeptools team received funding of tens of millions yuan from Investment institution. ZEPTOOLS Technology realized the industrialization through the capital.

In 2019, Xiaolong Zhang won the title of “Tongling Top-notch Professional and Technical Talent”.

In 2020, Xiaolong Zhang won “the Anhui Province Youth Entrepreneurship Award”, “Tongling Outstanding Youth”, and the title of “Tongdu Outstanding Talent”.

In 2021, Xiaolong Zhang won “the national Gold Medal in the Internet Entrepreneurship Competition”.

In 2022, Xiaolong Zhang became the project leader of “the national key research and development program”. This project is to further develop high-throughput cryogenic electron microscopy solutions based on ZEPTOOLS's existing cryogenic series products.

In 2023, Xiaolong Zhang won the title of “Anhui Province Special Support Program Talent”.


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